Mike Hicks

Meet Mike

As a customer service representative, Michael Hicks interacts with our customers to address inquiries regarding products, services, as well as provide technical support.

Mike has over 5 years of phone support experience.

About me: I was born in Miami, Florida. Growing up, my father was an over the road truck driver, and because my parents were divorced he used to take me on the road with him pretty often; partially because he couldn't afford to hire a babysitter and we didn't have much family in Miami. Moreover, otr truck driving required my father to sometimes be gone from home for as long as three whole weeks. He missed his kid, and well I missed him. Anyway, going on the job with him I could see how difficult of a job it was. In fact, I used to as him why he took such a hard job and he said "to put you through college sonny". Then I asked him "why can't you get a hard job that's back at home", and I'll never forget what said: "Because I never went to college". That really put into perspective for me how important it was to go to college. Anyyyywayyy, I grew up and graduated from the University of Miami with a bachelors in Political Science. By my Junior year in school, my dad had graduated from driving to owning his own trucking company. So I can pay my way through school, he gave me the position of a dispather. It allowed me to work remotely from inside my dorm. Dispatching is a pretty easy job but had weird hours. The main part of the job was to speak to drivers over the phone and tell them where to pickup their load and where to drop it off. In additional to that I was also their dedicated support rep. So anytime anything happened to the on the road, that call would come to me. For example, I received a call at 2am once and the driver told me "My engine just blew, i'm in the middle of nowhere, i'm getting on the bus and going home, i quit, come get your truck". I panicked and called my dad. He unsuccessfully tried to convince the driver to take the truck to the nearest mechanic shop. To make a long story short, I personally drove 800 miles that night to get take care of the situation. Fast forward a few years and here I am again working at advertising firm that revolves around trucking. It seems that everywhere I've gone, trucking has always followed. I love working here because it allows me to further my knowledge on the industry. By the time I turn 40, I hope you be able to start my own trucking company and haul freight coast to coast.