Call It A Comeback For - Flip Phones?

by Jake Tully - Published: 10/20/2016
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You may have seen them around, you may have heard them ringing, or you may still use one yourself - flip phones continue to having staying power in the mobile market and have found an interesting niche with consumers tired of smartphone's dominion in society.

Some may call the presence of flip phones a comeback, in that more models, styles, plans and prices are being offered to customers despite the saturation of smart phones on the market.

The Wall Street Journal reports that one in seven Americans still rely on flip phones for their mobile needs, with customers finding phones and plans that start at $7.50 at some retailers.

However, the demand the flip phones begs the question – are people finally growing tired of their smartphones and longing for the days of simplicity?

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While the answer may not be as black and white as people overthrowing the digital age, one can certainly surmise that there are modernistic and tech-savvy people using smartphones, not just the older generations or those who refuse to engage in the new media.

Many of those who have made the switch back to flip phones (or who never transitioned to smart phones whatsoever) are finding that their lives have been simplified by the subtraction of having to check social media or other apps almost constantly.

It’s reported that those who simply use their phone to make calls, send text messages and take a simple photo are experiencing higher levels of satisfaction in their lives and are able to better distinguish the boundaries between work life and home life.

The situation with flip phones also seems to vary by area and situation, with the transportation industry still grappling with the divide of mobile technology.

Those in commercial transportation often get painted as technophobic individuals who are unwilling to embrace new technology – something that’s simply not true.

What may be a better explanation is that drivers are looking to simplify their already difficult to manage lives. Many feel they do not need to add another component to their routines that will require them to constantly keep up with notifications and other alarms.

As of late 2015 over 64% of American truckers have smartphones. Whether or not this number will rise may depend on outside influences in industry trends, such as age groups of newly recruited drivers and Wi-Fi availability. Still, this leaves a significant portion of drivers using flip phones to communicate and to get the job done in an expedited and efficient manner.

For those that happen to see more flip phones on the road, in public and in the hands of the drivers in our country, keep in mind that it may not be an aberration, but a sign of things to come.

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