The Trucker In Los Angeles

by Jake Tully - Published: 11/08/2016
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Drivers all across the country face differences in the nature of the profession due to their location. For some drivers, facing harsh weather conditions during certain times of the year may prove to be problematic. Other drivers must traverse through less forgiving terrains and treacherous paths such as mountains or valleys. For other drivers, something as routine as anticipated traffic can be part of the job.

As a commercial driver in Los Angeles, traffic is not simply a part of the routine, it becomes an enormous component when taking on a trucking job. Whether a driver is on the 101, the 405 or the 10, the traffic they must grapple with is unparalleled to any other part of the country.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, The Greater Los Angeles area is one of the top 10 metropolitan areas with the heaviest density of truck drivers in the country. This may come as no surprise, considering that there are over 10 million residents of Los Angeles county alone. With this in mind, the average lifestyle of a trucker in Los Angeles is vastly different than those in other parts of the country.

Gridlock on a Los Angeles freeway

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Gridlock – Many truckers in the Los Angeles area will find themselves leaving in the wee small hours in order to begin their run to a destination within the county. Still, many will find that there is seemingly no correct time to leave in order to beat traffic. With little exception, there will always be some form of traffic and gridlock on the highways and taking surface streets due to an accident, a road closure, or some other inexplicable condition that prohibits a driver from smooth sailing.

Sharing The Road – With large volumes of traffic comes the necessary condition of sharing the road with non-commercial motorists. Drivers may often find that their rig sticks out on a highway filled with personal automobiles. As opposed to drivers in other locations that may be “king of the road” with sparse traffic, truckers may not feel overpowered, but they will certainly be out the routes with many others including motorcycles, cyclists, buses, and other types of vehicles.

Of course, not all aspects of commercial driving in Los Angeles are problematic. Los Angeles offers many benefits for drivers seeking an enriching and scenic job in one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world.

Opportunity – Businesses and business needs become available constantly in Los Angeles. Every business, be it a startup company or an established name, have needs that require deliveries from truck drivers. Needless to say, some of the best jobs offered by trucking companies can be found in one of the biggest cities in the country. The possibilities of positions, partnerships and routes for truck drivers are almost endless in Los Angeles. Whenever a community is in need of something, one can bet on a truck driver delivering exactly what is needed.

Diversity of Delivery – Truck drivers are likely to see diversity of freight in their jobs, but many also find that they are able to deliver

A Pacific Coast Highway Route

to a wide variety of customers and subcultures within the Los Angeles area. Los Angeles is truly a melting pot of diversity, so one may be able to deliver to a location such as the historic Chinatown, the bustling industry within Studio City, or the downtown Los Angeles scene that never seems to stop moving. The large territory encompassed by Los Angeles county is expanding and changing at a persistent rate that ensures a driver will have plenty of opportunities to deliver to many different locations.

Delivery Locations – Drivers in Los Angeles are blessed with the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful spots in our country. From deliveries to beach towns such as Malibu and Santa Monica to the intrepid nature within a city of the Griffith Park area to the gorgeous mountains of the San Fernando Valley, there is no end to what scenic pleasures a Los Angeles driver can find. There are few other places in the country that offer a driver the beach, the mountains, and the city proper all in one day.

Los Angeles may seem like an entirely different world for the trucking industry, but it is also one of the largest markets for driving and one of the most important locations for the commercial driving industry.

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