Considering A Dedicated Position In Trucking For The New Year

by Jake Tully - Published: 12/20/2016
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Commercial trucking is available to drivers in many different positions. For someone looking to enter the field, it is important to research what type of driving they will be doing and if it is right for their lifestyle and ultimately, their career goals. If being away from home for long periods of time or finding contract work does not sound appealing, dedicated trucking may be the right choice.

What is Dedicated Trucking?

Dedicated truck drivers usually work for only one company at a time. These drivers don't usually own their own trucks, but will drive the trucks provided by the company they are employed with. An example a dedicated driver’s routine is simple – think of a driver that picks up a delivery for a big box store, drops a load off at a big box location or hub and then heads back again to their organ. This would be a driver’s usual route, they may take just this route, rarely having to go outside of it. Usually a company will provide a wide range of shifts for drivers, but once a driver has been assigned a shift it will usually stay theirs.

What is it Like to Be a Dedicated Trucker?

Drivers will be afforded a great deal of stability with dedicated trucking. The hours are consistent, and it will be easy to know how much money will be coming

in each month. With regular shifts, drivers can also have the chance to plan their lives outside of work, typically working Monday-Friday, with weekends off. Making plans, going on vacations, and seeing family is not as difficult as one might then when building a positive rapport and schedule with their company. New drivers benefit by building relationships in the field, as well as getting experience without the stress of new routes and unfamiliar freight.

Another benefit of consistent routes is the ability to build relationships with people they work with on their route. For many drivers, they may find that their job requires them to be part customer service representatives in addition to drivers. With a dedicated route, drivers can more easily connect with their clients and interact with them on a consistent basis.

Drivers located in more metropolitan areas may find themselves driving to outlying suburbs, their job offering them the opportunity to see new local areas nearby.

Large, local, companies are more likely to hire newer drivers. So, even when starting out, a dedicated trucker will have choices.

Some companies may require longer routes than others. It is important that drivers ask about available hours and routes before taking a position, and make sure that it works for them.

What Education Does a Dedicated Trucker Need?

Much like other specific driving positions, all dedicated truckers will need to obtain a CDL. There are three classes of CDL license (A, B, and C). Each class allows a driver the right to handle different weights of freight. The Department of Motor Vehicles defines each class in terms of weight and limitations that may be imposed on certain vehicles.

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Having a certain class of license does not guarantee a driver can take certain freight. They may also need a specific CDL endorsement in addition to their license including Tanker, doubles and triples.

Obtaining any class of license requires the driver pass certain tests, including written exams, having a certified learner’s permit and passing a physical evaluation by the Department of Transportation.

On occasion a company may pay for the costs associated with training and licensing a driver. It is important anyone interested in being a dedicated driver thoroughly investigate their states CDL regulations as well as if they will need any CDL endorsements.

Job Outlook For Dedicated Drivers?

Dedicated drivers can earn very a very healthy salary. All truck drivers make their pay with miles and consistence. With a set route, dedicated truck drivers will not have to worry about either. On average a driver can earn around $42,000-$65,000 annually.

Almost all large manufactures have their own fleets of trucks. Large retailers are also potential employers, as well as trucking companies. Trucking companies often pay very well, due to the company having long standing relationships with clients.

Over 61,000 jobs were added in the overall transportation sector in America in 2016, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In the next 3 years, the bls expects job growth to jump to over 20% than the current figure.

Most of the topic trucking companies are looking for new and experienced drivers. Anyone seeking to enter the freight industry as a dedicated trucker will be looking at a healthy job market, making dedicated routes an excellent career move for drivers in 2017.

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