Truck Driver Jobs Over the Road

by Jake Tully - Published: 3/21/2017
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Career seekers who are interested in the commercial trucking industry may not have trouble convincing themselves that trucking jobs are a prosperous field, but rather finding a position of the multi-faceted industry that best suits their lifestyle and needs. After one gets their commercial driver's license, the world is their oyster and they can apply for a great deal of positions and routes. Among the trucking jobs available, one of the most prolific and sought-after positions are over the road runs (otherwise abbreviated as OTR.) Many companies offer OTR truck driving jobs to service sensitive freight or loads that are specifically expedited for one reason or another. Still, OTR drivers are always in demand and those willing to take on the routes see many good things come from holding such a position.

Typically, OTR drivers see a career that is more a lifestyle than simply a career move. Drivers participating in OTR routes are often dispatched on the road for days, even weeks at a time, without seeing time home. This requires drivers to sleep in their cab or to find suitable rest stop along their route. However, the fiscal side of the conversation still holds true – drivers will be making excellent money while out on the road. For the nights spent in one's sleeper or the countless cups of coffee drained while navigating the highways of the United States, drivers will see payment to match the struggles encountered as well as the eventual satisfaction drivers see through a job well done.

Truck driving on the highway

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More often than not, OTR drivers see loads that require timely delivery or loads that are resources needed from a region to another area that does not have said materials. For instance, many companies that produce energy-related materials or sensitive gases/chemicals pair with a trusted transportation company and their drivers to deliver a crucial load to another part of the country. In many cases, OTR drivers are the only way these materials find their way to the needed areas, as rail or air is either impractical or cannot reach destinations as a truck can. Other times, freight situations might not be as dire, and a load may just need to reach its final destination in order to keep shelves stocked or to fulfill a quota for a particular holiday or retail season.

No matter the impetus behind the loads that OTR drivers deliver, there is always a man or a woman working around the clock to ensure that consumers don't worry about a limited availability of a particular item. Outside of OTR positions there are several types of truck driver jobs that may better suit an individual's physical or mental capabilities. Some may thrive in a route where they are living on the road and completing the difficult tasks, others may need shorter routes to suit them. All drivers see great pay regardless of their route – however, those who dedicate more time to road will see greater pay extended towards them and more miles to boot.

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