The All State Express Story

In 1996 the company was founded by Spencer Squier as a medical courier service focusing on the stat delivery needs of the IV Infusion Therapy healthcare sector, supporting the American Red Cross and multiple hospitals networks in North Carolina.

After ASE incorporation in 1998, Squier pursued a strategic diversification initiative to enter commercial OTR (Over-the-Road) transportation, quickly expanding the customer base and geographic footprint of his growing company. Over this transition period, Sherri Squier became increasingly involved in the administrative and financial management of ASE, and serves today as the CEO of the enterprise.

Today, All State Express is a nationally-recognized leader in its logistics specialty category and was honored by the GPSNet Inc. Alliance organization as the fastest growing premium provider of transportation in 2006.

The company continues to gain momentum as a professional, growth-oriented corporation, fostering an entrepreneurial, yet aligned, team - sharing Squier's vision of operational excellence with a driving passion to be constantly innovative. 

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