Central Oregon Truck Company is always looking for high quality driving professionals with great attitudes. Because many of us were drivers ourselves we understand how important it is for drivers to be treated with respect, fairly compensated, and efficiently planned and dispatched. Thats why we offer our drivers the best equipment, the most competitive pay packages, and the very best in driver and family benefits.

We also know that family time is cherished and that meeting our drivers family needs is equally as important as meeting our customer's needs. If you are looking to join a hard working team that works together for the benefit of everyone involved, then Central Oregon Truck Company may be your new home.

With Central Oregon Trucking Company, you will find these Amazing Benefits….

  • We are very proud that over 85% of our team member drivers receive their bonuses.
  • You get your paycheck every week. How many other companies do that for their team members? You will be able to meet your bills and budgets so much easier with the program!
  • We pay 100% of your insurance premiums…. that’s Health, Dental, and Vision! Who can say that in these crazy times?
  • Sick of waiting because you can’t reach your dispatcher? Our planners and driver coaches are there to communicate with you whenever you need them. NO MORE WAITING! If there ever is the very rare occasion of 2 hours detention time, we pay you $15/hr.
  • “One of the best facilities I’ve ever seen driving truck. For them to haul out and do a facility that big, that pretty much sums up COTC right there.”
  • Our drivers earn at least $200 extra per month just from tarping! We help train and educate you so you can tarp efficiently and most important, safely.
  • We pay you the same whether you’re loaded or empty!
  • Earn up to $.35 per mile plus another $0.09 per mile in Performance Pay. Our drivers average $52,500 per year! That’s just average. Many of our drivers make much more than that… Imagine the possibilities for you.
  • Most of all, we want YOU to succeed! You are the face of our company and what keeps us running. No other company works harder than we do to help our drivers get what they need.

So, you can see we are incredibly focused on a great work environment.

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