From the time our company was founded, we have continually grown and adapted to meet the unique needs of our customers. However, we have only been able to do so thanks to the team of dedicated drivers who work so hard every single day. We invite you to become part of that team whether you are an experienced driver or you have never sat behind the wheel of a big rig.

Choose Your Lane! - Apply now if you already have your CDL and are ready to hit the road!

C.R. England is stable, we have never laid off a driver due to lack of freight. If you are looking to change up your driving routes we have our Careertrak system that allows you to apply for any of the open positions across the nation.

No CDL? No Problem! - See if you qualify for zero-tuition to one of our schools—$5,000 value!*

C.R. England’s own Premier Truck Driving School or one of our network schools will help you obtain your Class-A Commercial Driver’s License in as few as 17-days. We train and hire more drivers than anyone else in the industry.

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*Zero Tuition, no upfront cost, no payments while employed at C.R. England; is available to those who meet our hiring criteria and fulfill their contractual driving term. Career paths are not guaranteed.

Available Driver Positions

Regular Routes • Consistent Miles
Great Pay • Relationships with Customers

Each day brings new opportunity, in dedicated there is one thing you can count on – consistent miles with regular routes and best of all, great pay. Though home time, miles and pay are dependent on markets and regions, we offer the predictable lifestyle you’re looking for in a career with team, solo, and training positions available.

Local Routes • Home Almost Every Day
Flexible Schedules • Competitive Pay

Intermodal serves all the major freight markets in the U.S., with local driving positions running up to 200 miles from the rail to the customer and back. There’s a lot to like about Intermodal – you’re home almost every day, you have a flexible schedule and competitive pay. The drivers in this division are in high demand and are carefully selected because of their driving skills and ability to communicate well with our customers.

Balanced Home & Road Life • Regular Routes
Consistent Pay • Great Miles

Regional offers the best of both worlds: a well-balanced life on the road and frequent home time. Regional has a shorter length of haul because it runs in more confined regions, which ultimately means more frequent home time, regularity with routes and more consistent pay.

Great Miles • Competitive Pay
Explore the Country

If your passion is to drive and have the freedom to see the country, this is the division for you. With great miles, competitive pay and the freedom you’re looking for, this division has never been better. You can enjoy life on the road while earning one day off for every week out. If you’re up for an adventure, the National division is for you.

Team Driving

There are few opportunities, like teaming, you can enjoy many miles while taking advantage of tremendous financial rewards. With excellent freight selection, high pay and great miles, teaming is an option everyone should consider. You have the support of your driver manager to help you along the way. If you don’t have partner, we’ll help you find one.

Driver Training

Trainers are considered the most skilled and qualified drivers in the industry and their pay matches their status. As a trainer, you will be developing the next generation of drivers at C.R. England, all while enjoying lucrative pay and exclusive status. Become one of the highest paid drivers by earning all the miles your truck runs, plus an extra bonus for each student you successfully train.

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