At Crete Carrier, we invest in our most valuable resource, our drivers. We have one of the most comprehensive truck driver pay packages in the trucking industry, are independently certified as a Top Paying Carrier by the National Transportation Institute, and offer guaranteed detention pay. Not to mention, are pet policy.

Our drivers are among the best on the highway, in fact, Crete drivers continuously exceeded the standards required by the U.S Department of Transportation. All of these factors, lead to us having one of the lowest driver turnover rates in the industry.

Recent Graduates:$600 per week while training
1-6 Months Experience:.36 cpm while training up to six month anniversary
7-12 Months Experience:.36 cpm while training up to six month anniversary
1-5 Years Experience:.46-48 cpm
6+ Years Experience:.49 cpm

At Crete Carrier, we are dedicated to our drivers.Customer service and dispatch personnel are on-call 24 hours a day, coordinating loads and monitoring them en route. The close communications of our Operations Department with our customers and drivers is one of the key factors in achieving consistent, on-time performance.

Crete prides itself on its responsive service, which has produced profitable operations every year we've been in business. This prompt service is coupled with a safety record that shows concern, not only for the cargo for which we are responsible but also our drivers and the public with whom we share the highways.

Crete Culture

As one of the industry leaders in retention, drivers typically stay with Crete, Shaffer, and Hunt three times longer than the competition. Much of this success is due to the continued efforts to ensure drivers have the miles they want to make and the good living that they deserve. Apply online at or call 888-490-6706. At Crete Carrier, there are no shortcuts.

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