You’ve got a good; we provide a service.

But we both know there’s more to it than that. Greentree Logistics carries more than goods. We carry your investment and risk, your profits and payoff, your reputation and livelihood with every mile crossed. This reality is not lost on us.

Our CEO, B. Shane Grutsch, founded Greentree in 2012 because of his need for an honest, reliable, and ethical carrier to service his other businesses. With too many hours spent worrying about his loads and working through the runaround with various carriers, Shane realized a demand within the trucking industry. Simply put: Integrity.

The Greentree team—leading experts from every aspect of the field—has reimagined the carrier experience. Business innovators, tech junkies, and community leaders, our personal values mirror those of our company. With Greentree you’ll experience three things with every load you place: Dedication to your business, fair practices, and full transparency.

Our standards describe how this comes together.

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