"Guess What? Sitting still Don’t Pay Squat”

by JBT Service Inc.

We provide safe and reliable flatbed trucking service throughout the Midwest.

Since 1979 our Professional Drivers have provided exceptional and safe service, while enjoying a personal fit to match their needs.

Our sound customer base provides quality and consistent freight to keep you productive and profitable.

Our knowledgeable staff brings over 137 years of trucking experience to work every day to ensure your success.

We are a Disabled Veteran Owned Trucking Company that has great pride in hiring Veterans.

Become part of the JBT family. 

Are you wondering how you are going to pay your bills with the amount of your settlement?

Are you tired of spending more time sitting, than you are rolling with a load?

Wonder why at the end of the week your truck has only averaged a $1.50 a mile?

The answer is simple, you are with the wrong carrier.

If they ask for a driver code, when you call in, rather than recognize your name, you are with the wrong carrier.

If you do not have your choice of loads, then you are with the wrong carrier.

If you feel that you are NOT in control of your business, then you are with the wrong carrier.

Why has JBT Service Inc. been the right choice for over 37 years now? Simple, we are committed to YOU, your success is OUR success. We do not make false promises, we get to know YOU and how YOU run your business. As a Veteran, Family owned and operated company; we understand your needs, how? Because most of us have been or are owner operators.

You are NOT, just some contractor, truck number so and so, YOU are a valued business partner. Without YOU JBT does NOT succeed and our clients do not succeed. Isn’t it about time someone started treating you with the respect and professionalism YOU deserve? There is a reason we do not recruit or advertise for every driver out there, because YOU are NOT a “Driver” to us, and that shows with the longevity of our other Business Partners. Our staff are here for YOU, to make sure YOU succeed, As a Business Partner, YOU do NOT work for us, we work WITH YOU!

There are several reasons we remain the right choice for so many. Our pay is better, our clients are better, our home time is better and the biggest reason…. YOU make US better! So you deserve better, but only the best business people make the best choices. What will YOUR choice be? If you want to make the right choice, then don’t wait. Call today 1-800-892-4662. 

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