The Natural Goodness of Maine

It’s about more than milk.

Life in Maine isn’t always easy. The winters are long and the summers are short. But we’ve always made the most of all we have. And providing fresh, local food is part of our heritage.

From the original Oakhurst Dairy, founded by the Bennett family on Woodford Street in Portland in 1921, to the modern 100% farmer-owned dairy on Forest Avenue in Portland, Oakhurst has always stood for The Natural Goodness of Maine. It’s about more than milk. It’s about standing up for what you believe, and doing what’s right.

The Natural Goodness of Maine is our heartfelt pledge to not only offer you the freshest products day in and day out, but to conduct business transparently, in ways that honor our customers, the environment and our responsibility to next generation. All of our milk comes from local Maine farmers who took the first farmers pledge to keep artificial growth hormone out of our milk. That now-famous fight with Monsanto was the right thing to do then, and stands today as an example of our dedication to doing what’s right – even when it’s hard.

Today we extend this commitment by reducing our environmental impact, keeping our footprints as small as possible, and finding ways to support healthy active kids. It’s a long journey we are all on. We thank you for supporting local food. We thank you for supporting quality. And we thank you for choosing Oakhurst. It’s about more than milk.

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