Truck Driving Jobs

South Shore Transportation Company, Inc. is a leading provider of premium flatbed truckload services operating mainly in Ohio and the midwest with terminals in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan. We primarily haul building materials to building retailers and wholesalers and specialize in serving high volume, time sensitive shippers that demand on-time delivery of their shipments. South Shore Transportation Company, Inc. has been serving high-volume shippers for over 80 years. We utilize lightweight equipment enabling our customers a maximum payload of 52,000 lbs. Our Award Winning Service is recognized by our Fortune 500 Customers.

Are you thinking about driving for South Shore Transportation? We are a large truckload carrier in the midwest. Whether you’ve got thousands of miles under your seatbelt or you’re embarking on a new career path, this is your on-ramp toward a career that delivers.

South Shore Transportation drivers service several Fortune 500 companies. From the wood that frames your house, to the drywall that makes up your walls, to the shingles that protect your roof, to the bricks that make your home beautiful -- if it's a building material, chances are we haul it.

Drivers that drive for South Shore Transportation enjoy job security, while building a career that is flexible to your needs. Our drivers also enjoy superior pay, benefits, and equipment.

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