Trucking Unltd Computer Science Scholarship

Trucking Unltd is offering a $500 scholarship to undergraduates to help cover a portion of their college expenses. This scholarship is available to all students currently enrolled at least half-time pursuing a B.S. degree. 

Eligibility Requirements:

Various Programming Terms

  1. Must be a US citizen or legally authorized to work and reside in the United States
  2. Enrolled in school at least half-time.
  3. Minimum 3.0 GPA
  4. Be enrolled in one of the following majors:
    • Business Administration (B.S.)
    • Computer Science (B.S.)
    • Computer Science (Games) (B.S.)
    • Computer Science/Business Administration (B.S.)
    • Physics/Computer Science (B.S.)
    • Human-Computer Interaction (B.S.)
    • Robotics (B.S.)
  5. Be able to demonstrate an interest in the field of computer science.
  6. All eligible applicants must provide the following by July 1st.
    1. Student Essay: In 900-1,000 words, written by the student regarding the student's chosen career after graduating.
    2. Unofficial transcript showing the student's current academic progress.
    3. Proof of admission or enrollment in a four-year university.
    4. Proof of legal status in the United States.

Submission Methods:

Eligible applicants may submit their materials in one of two ways:

Option A) Electronically via an email to with the subject "Computer Science Scholarship Fall".

Option B) United States Postal Service. Paper applications should be mailed to: 

Trucking Unltd

6700 Fallbrook Avenue

Suite #290 

West Hills, CA 91307


The student who is selected will be contacted and informed of their selection for the $500 award in August. Funds disbursement will be made via check payable directly to the awardee before August 20th.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. How many scholarships do you provide? 1 per semester
  2. Do you require an official transcript? No
  3. Am I eligible if I'm not a U.S. Citizen, but have a permanent resident card? Yes
  4. I'm enrolled in a school in Mexico/Canada. Am I eligible to apply? No
  5. I'm an international student. Am I eligible to apply? Yes
  6. What is the deadline for submitting my application? July 1st
  7. What is the award date? August 15th

About Us:

Our website was born out of technology. Prior to establishing Trucking Unltd, one of our co-founders was a computer science major at the University of Southern California. Being a private school, the cost of attendance was far too much for him to afford. Due to his financial circumstances, the university itself awarded him a grant to cover 50% of his tuition. For the remainder, his only alternative seemed to be high-interest loans, until he found out about scholarships. After he resourced scholarships designed specifically for Computer Science majors, he was given several awards; enough to cover his entire tuition. Trucking Unltd would possibly not exist if he hadn't been able to afford school, but thanks to generous scholarships, we are here today and help hundreds of truck drivers find jobs each and every month. It is for this reason that we offer a $500 annual scholarship to help similar students in need.

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