Ohio Representative Introduces New Natural Gas Bill For Light Duty Vehicles

by Jake Tully - Published: 7/26/2018
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Earlier this week, U.S. Representative Bill Johnson of Ohio introduced the Light-Duty Natural Gas Vehicle Parity Act of 2018 in the House of Representatives, an act that stands as a companion to Senator James Inhofe’s Senate Bill 3226 introduced on July 17th to the Senate. 

Representative Johnson reports that introducing such a bill to regulate natural gas vehicles may help create several jobs in the natural gas sector.

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"I am proud to introduce H.R. 6476, the Light-Duty Natural Gas Vehicle Parity Act of 2018, which will help encourage federal regulatory parity for natural gas vehicles,” said Johnson. “Our federal policies must encourage an all of the above approach to our energy production and consumption, and this bill helps achieve that goal by requiring federal agencies to provide the same regulatory treatment currently provided to electric vehicles. As the world's largest producer of natural gas, we must take full advantage of this abundant, job-creating resource."

Ohio-based Ariel Corporation, a manufacturer of separable reciprocating has compressors supports Johnson’s bill, a measure designed to help ensure that federal agencies regulate natural gas vehicles and electric vehicles equally.

We are grateful for Rep. Johnson taking the lead in the House with legislation recognizing the value of natural gas as a mainstream transportation fuel," said Executive Vice President of Ariel, Tom Rastin. "America is the number one producer of natural gas in the world, yet of the 25 million natural gas vehicles in use worldwide, only about 150,000 reside in the US. Natural gas has already been a proven success for reducing transportation emissions for medium and heavy-duty trucking worldwide, and light-duty vehicles are the next logical step."

According to data from VNG, retail compressed natural gas fueling service provider, Johnson’s bill is third piece of legislation introduced within the last 90 days that is oriented towards recognizing benefits of natural gas for the economy as well as for environmental purposes.

More information on Johnson’s bill may be found at Congress’ website. 

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