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by Jake Tully - Published: 7/25/2019
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Truck drivers knows that their trucking job takes precedence over many things in their life, whether they can control it or not. Dealing with family, friends, and their finances can be difficult for drivers to deal with simultaneously, especially when their on the road. So we took a look at tax relief and tax resolution services that help a driver with one of the most cumbersome and time consuming extra tasks that he or she might have to deal with. Back TAXES!

When it comes to taxes and the potential of an IRS payment, drivers may be at a disadvantage, given that they're frequently traveling and may not have access to the physical documents and resources to help them with tax relief. Luckily, there are many resources and outlets online for drivers to find help with their back taxes and with tax debt.

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Why Are Taxes A Unique Situation For Truckers?

Drivers understand that their truck driving job is a valuable and unique opportunity, but also one that places them in scenarios which may make it difficult to manage their lives. 

For drivers, a specific concern can often be ensuring that the make the money they need in order to stay profitable on the road, as well as ensuring that when tax season comes, they remain compliant. No driver wants to deal with their job and the IRS at the same time, much less in a situation in which a driver may need help filing back taxes or a situation in which they owe the government money.

While these situations happen to a lot of drivers, a problem with taxes may be extremely detrimental to a driver, as their livelihood depends on being able to drive and complete a route not focusing on tax related matters. 

Drivers depend on resources and groups to help them with their tax forgiveness or tax reduction, and thankfully, many exist to assist with just those needs.

I Got an IRS Letter! What Is An Audit?

Fundamentally speaking, audits are one of the largest concerns and issues that taxpayers may face when submitting their state taxes and federal taxes. 

Audits are fairly simple in nature - they're in-depth overviews by the IRS of your financial records to ensure accuracy. 

Typically, an audit may be conducted if the IRS determines that your tax return and the associated documents appear incorrect perhaps your Form 8300 has a mistake on it that may throw off the entirety of your overall tax return. 

Due to the fact that drivers often incur many fees and tolls that workers in other industries don't, taxes can be a complicated matter for those on the road. For some, an audit may seemingly happen out of the blue and can be an immense hindrance as you do your job driving OTR.

The truth of the matter is that mistakes happen, and an audit is rarely the result of someone attempting to cheat the government. There is just too many nuances in how you can file your taxes properly. The best advice is to find assistance before it's a problem. If you wait too long and get that dreaded letter, there is more hoops to jump through and paperwork to file. 

There are many factors that may go into the occurrence of an audit, and there are just as many resources online to assist taxpayers, including the IRS help line. These are a few links you can check out to get help, learn more, or talk to a live person:

Understanding Your IRS Notice or Letter

Do's and Don'ts for Tax Payers Who Get a Letter from the IRS

IRS Phone Numbers: 
Individuals: 1-800-829-1040
Businesses: 1-800-829-4933

TIP: Don't ignore your taxes!
Even if you haven't received a letter yet, the IRS doesn't forget and it's hard to get forgiveness. Before you do anything you may want to talk to a tax specialist that deals with tax relief or tax debt reduction. They can steer you in the right direction and get you on the right track. 

Remember while the IRS should never be ignored, but they're not your friend and they won't help you to reduce your debt. Their job is to collect from you. For that reason you need someone that knows the rules and can help negotiate for you. We've highlighted a few companies below and one especially that works with truckers across America: Anthem Tax Services.

They Say I Owe So Much Money! How Much Do I Really Owe The IRS? And How Do I Find Out.

For many individuals facing issues with the IRS, the question boils down to this simple one How much do I really owe? 

Some folks have trouble finding a straight answer for what seams like an easy question, whether its based on how slow the IRS is to respond or due to a potentially complicated issue within your tax situation. Sometimes it's as simple as you never filed your taxes, so the IRS is estimating what you owe based on what they THINK you made. So if you changed jobs, had a slower year, etc. There is usually a big difference in what they think you owe and what you really owe.

The fact of the matter is, while the IRS may be able to give you an exact number and send you a bill for it, in order to understand whether or not this number is correct, a tax professional may be required to assist you. 

So before you just agree to pay what they say, find out if the number is accurate.

How Much Should I Plan to Pay The IRS For State Taxes?

You can't forget about your friend the state. Especially since they can make life exceedingly horrible for drivers that don't pay their taxes. Imagine trying to renew your Class A license or having it suspended only due to the fact you haven't paid your state tax bill. While it seems crazy that they'd take away your way of making money, it's happened before to drivers that thought they'd forget but guess what, they never do. 

What you owe the state may be difficult to calculate depending on where you're located, as well as several other factors at play within your particular state. 

Some states have no income tax whatsoever, though this doesn't mean that you don't have to pay tax at all it simply means a different state tax scenario.

The amount you owe in state income tax is based on a few different factors:

- Flat state tax: If your state has a flat tax rate based on income (such as Colorado, Utah, Illinois, Indiana, and several others) a fixed percentage of your income is due.

- Graduated Tax Rates: A majority of the states in the Union have tax model based on that of the federal government

While there are many other factors that come in to play, the bottom line is whether or not what one owes is a considerable amount, and if their situation may call for a tax attorney or another service-based group that can manage what one owes.

I Make Enough Money To Support Myself - What If I Can&apost Pay My Taxes?

To this end, even if a person can find out exactly how much they owe the IRS, figuring out a way in which to combat the debt may be an entire problem in and of itself. If one is worried how to pay back the IRS, there is a large chance that some form of tax debt relief is required. Drivers, in particular, often look to professionals in this field as they can use the expertise of someone who is skilled in resolving tax debts in a timely and accurate manner.

Why Is Anthem Tax Services Known As A Top Tax Relief Resource For Truck Drivers?

Among the excellent, effective and well-renowned options for tax relief, time again the trucking industry agrees on Anthem Tax Services as the first option to easily and reliably resolve tax issues. Dealing at both the state and federal level, Anthem Tax is one of the few companies equipped to evaluate a great number of individual tax situations as well one of the few companies that can provide dynamic solutions to said situations. When it comes to a source that will help one in every possible aspect of the IRS code, Anthem Tax serves as that resource.

One of the most positive feature of Anthem Tax&aposs array of services is their 100% money-back guarantee for tax situations that do not see improvements. While Anthem Tax Services prides itself on improving tax situations and working with each client to remedy whatever tax-related problem they may be facing, they also instill a sense of trust and comfort within their clientele. For those with truck driving jobs, there may feel as though there are times where there are very few 100% guarantees that are presented. Many truck drivers live in a world of uncertainty and great variability with Anthem Tax, there&aposs a sense of security that at least one aspect of a driver&aposs life will be 100% covered and protected.

Anthem Tax Service&aposs affordability is yet another widely touted and well-known offering from the company. Aside from drawing upon a staff of professionals with decades of meaningful experience in promoting and crafting affordable tax solutions, Anthem Tax is steadfast in contacting tax-related agencies digitally, allowing the company to find the best and most competitive rates to offer them to the customer. Truckers behind the wheel needn&apost spend time making comparisons in price - Anthem Tax Services offers the ability to make that comparison for them. With resolution packages starting at a few hundred dollars, the company&aposs price and offered value has made it a winning combination for thousands of Americans.

There is no obligation or risk in taking a patented free consultation with Anthem Tax Services. By filling out the simple and secure contact along with a brief introduction of amount of owed taxes, a qualified agent will reach out and contact an individual, ready to execute an affordable and successful plan.

Anthem Tax Services has demonstrated popularity in many different markets and fields, garnering an A+ grade from the BBB. With an overall excellent rating from customers, consumer aggregates and real-life truckers who have used their product, Anthem Tax Services is widely known as the leading tax relief solution in the country.

Using Optima Tax Relief As a Financial Resource

Among resources for tax relief and online financial help, Optima is one of the leading resources that people in the United States tun to every year. Whether its filling out the IRS form 8300 or dealing with a matter related to IRS debt forgiveness, many users have found that Optima Tax can help nearly any unique situation.

According to the company&aposs site as well as Optima tax relief reviews, the resource is prepared to go to speak on behalf of clients to the IRS bay gathering the necessary items and documents to help one become fully compliant with the government. Then, by using a client&aposs information to build the most cohesive case possible, Optima Tax can work with the IRS to find out the most positive and beneficial tax scenario they can devise.

For a driver, using an option like Optima Tax and their tax liability consultants may be incredibly beneficial, as their network covers the entirety of the United States with experienced employees who have a wealth of knowledge in many different types of tax scenarios. According to the Optima Tax Relief BBB entry, many users in all walks of life have found assistance and stability in using their programs. Furthermore, the Optima Tax Relief cost has been found to be incredibly fair by many users, with a price that ultimately depends based on one&aposs unique situation.

How Does Community Tax Help Provide Relief For Drivers?

Priding itself on simple, clean and fast consultation, Community Tax has been a staple of the trucking community when it comes to tax relief assistance. Community Tax is known as a company that understands a driver&aposs busy schedule and the limitations that someone might face when trying to handle tax relief in their truck. With this in mind, Community has optimized a system in which tax relief is easy, painless, and puts the work back on the company to come to a solution tailored for the individual.

In the a similar vein of mobile-friendly offerings, Community Tax offers a unique feature for those on the go. Much like the importance of peace of mind in the world of big rigs, Community understands the need for peace of mind when it comes to taxes year-round. This sense of security is offered by way of the Tax Assurance Program, a month-month subscription that helps drivers remain compliant, aids them in any requests or discrepancies with the IRS, and most importantly, never lapses, even outside of tax season. Just like one might renew their Sirius XM subscription in the cab of their truck, one can renew their Tax Assurance Program renewal just as easily.

In addition to tax relief services and assistance in handling forms such as the 1099-c, Community Tax offers its customers accounting services, income tax preparation help and bookkeeping services. In essence, Community Tax is a full-scale personal finance resource for those with trucking jobs, offering multiple tiers of pricing to fit one&aposs personal budget.

Tax Hardship Center Can Provide Specific and Detailed Tax Help

Just as there are wide-ranging and far-flung cases for one&aposs tax situation, Tax Hardship Center understands that there must be equally wide-ranging solutions to said problems. For the individual who may require more formal, structured assistance, The Tax Hardship Center has served as a valuable outlet.

Within the realm of dealing with the IRS, many figures and numbers of forms are thrown around and discussed. From something as simple as the 1040-es to the common yet potentially difficult 1099-c, Tax Hardship understands all of the minutiae of these forms in order to help an individual file the IRS form 982 the Reduction of Tax Attributes Due to Discharge of Indebtedness. For a trucker, keeping track of such forms can be difficult alone, much less accurately interpreting the forms in order to benefit oneself. The Tax Hardship Center can help take the guessing away and get one on track with the appropriate paperwork.

State tax debt is one of the company&aposs specialties, offering assistance to clients across all 50 states. No matter what region a driver may have found their business within during the course of a year, Tax Hardship Center will help navigate the particular state tax items and laws in order to provide the fastest relief.

Users of this particular service will appreciate the Hardship Center&aposs attention to detail when dealing with the fastidiousness of the process. Users also appreciate the generous 14-day, 100% money back guarantee that the company offers, during which Tax Hardship Center will work with a taxpayer to find out what situations will benefit from the talent at Tax Hardship.

Can Victory Tax Lawyers Help Find A Tax Attorney Near Me?

With some tax situations, there is a need for a tactical legal response rather than a general plan of relief and tax consolidation. At Victory Tax Lawyers, the approach to tax relief is specific, direct and handled through the lens of an attorney.

Working with both individuals and businesses, American truckers and fleet owners alike have turned to Victory Tax Lawyers for various levels of legal help with their taxes, whether it&aposs an induvial filing status or the potential threat of payroll taxes looming over a company&aposs head. Victory Tax is prepare to use their experience in litigation to take the IRS to court with attorneys who will handle the case from the beginning to the end with no need for one to involve themselves in the court case and miss out on valuable hours of work.

As a verified member of the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy as well as a member of the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers, Victory Tax Lawyers has been a secure and safe resource across the country. California-based drivers will see an extra bonus in working with the company, as it is certified to practice law in the California State Supreme Court as well as the US Tax Court and the Federal District Court. Utilizing the expertise and professionalism of a tax lawyer can significantly help improve the quality of an individual&aposs life and improve their financial situation as well.

How Much Does It Cost To Use Fresh Start Initiative?

For those individuals facing a median-range amount of tax debt, Fresh Start Initiative has been listed by over 1 million users for over half a decade. Unlike some other companies in the same space as Fresh Start Initiative, the company offers a matching service that allows users to be connected to tax relief companies that may benefit them. To this end, the matching service that Fresh Start provides is completely free to the user, ensuring that a connection is made with the appropriate tax relief talent.

Truck drivers often view Fresh Start Initiative like a trucking job board. In essence, a user can fill out a simple contact form in order to have their information sent out to a number of companies to be matched due to their area, tax debt level and specific situation.

Fresh Start Initiative is an excellent tool for those who would like to weight their options in terms of working with various tax relief agencies as opposed to going to an agency directly. While Fresh Start Initiative may not primarily help with filing back taxes help, it can likely put one in touch with a company that can do so.

Using IRS Contact Numbers And Dealing With The Agency One-On-One

It&aposs not an impossible task to deal with the IRS personally it&aposs simply that most drivers don&apost have the time or know-how to deal with the agency on their own. As someone who needs to account for nearly every minute of every day, it&aposs often the case that the last thing a driver wants to worry about is scheduling a time to speak to agency that may be unwilling to work with them to come to a sensible and fair resolution. Some may wonder if there is a route in which they can achieve a fresh start debt free inroad with the IRS to pay taxes and work towards a future without money owed. Luckily, such a program does exist.

It&aposs possible that by working personally with the IRS, a taxpayer can become a part of the IRS fresh start initiative, a program in which those who owe a great deal of back taxes may pay off their debts over six years&apos time. These monthly payments vary based on a person&aposs assets and income, but it is a program actively offered by the IRS. Agreeing to the IRS fresh start option is certainly a step in the right direction for many but there are, of course, other options for drivers to work around paying their back taxes or working around other tax-related scenarios.

Some people may find themselves engaged in a tax levy with the IRS, meaning that their personal belongings and items are theoretically up for grabs to be seized. This is an incredibly problematic situation for owner-operators and one who may be a fleet owner, so it is important that no matter what level of tax owed that one configures a plan in the event that property may be seized.

Trucking Along With Taxes And Maintaining Financial Stability

Taxes are a difficult subject for many to understand and take on, no matter what their particular situation may be. By the same token, there are equally as many opportunities offered by accredited and secure tax relief companies to help with the myriad financial situations that drivers often face regarding the IRS.

There are many resources that can help drivers with all levels of tax debt and tax issues from something as potentially complicated as the issue of innocent spouse relief down to something as minute as the form 1040-es. No matter what challenges, difficulties, or issues one might be facing, there is likely a firm that can help out often, all it takes is a simple contact form to get started.

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