The American Driver Network Connecting Drivers Throughout The USA

by Jake Tully - Published: 2/14/2019
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Since the early days of trucking, drivers have relied on networking of some sort to find support on the road and to advance their truck driving jobs.

Now with online resources as comprehensive as ever, the American Driver Network that has taken shape in the country can help drivers in all areas find information and tools in order to aid their careers and their personal lives.

What Does the American Driver Network stand for?

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In days past, a network for drivers may be something as simple as a chance meeting at a busy truck stop or a diner off a busy Interstate. Today, face-to-face meetings may still exist, but most of the networking seen between drivers occurs online through popular websites and forums. While drivers are still likely to meet others at conventions, gatherings, and truck stops whenever they can, it’s likely that opening up to the online world can help one establish more connections than ever before.

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Why is a Driver Network Useful?

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Like any industry, a network for the professionals within it helps the industry become stronger, more aligned, and ultimately, more successful. Whether an internal network is official or unofficial may play a part in its effectiveness, but the simple fact that it exists gives strength and credibility to the industry it provides for. In the case of commercial drivers, strength lies specifically in numbers as well as more experienced industry professionals lending advice to those who may be searching for answers or clarity.

Networks For American Drivers Have a History

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Forums, blogs, message boards and social media groups aren’t the beginnings of an American Driver Network, nor are they the only places in which such a network exists. Popular spots for drivers to meet up in person or open houses hosted by trucking companies or trucking communities are just as valuable as the most heavily searched websites for truckers online. Many industry experts agree that the face-to-face locations for drivers to meet at will never go away and therefore never stop being effective for networking purposes.

American Drivers May Have Different Experiences Across The Country

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It should come as no surprise that a driver who has had a career running on the West Coast may have a different experience than one who has primarily worked on runs in the Midwest. While two drivers may present two separate, yet valid sides of the trucking industry, it is important for both stories to be told in order to see a more fully-formed picture of the United States trucking industry. Through networking, many will find that despite their geographical distances, many drivers have a great deal of commonality in many respects.

How Can an American Network Help A Driver’s Career?


Simply put, the more people one knows, the greater potential one has to find the best possible trucking jobs. Hearing the personal stories and expertise from individuals who have been out on the road and understand the industry is highly valuable knowledge for drivers of any experience level. Having an American Driver Network isn’t just a helpful tool that exists in the industry, it’s highly necessary that such a network exists in order to allow drivers to continue to help others and help themselves.

Where Do Entry Level Drivers Fit Into the Network?


As the driver shortage continues, it’s highly important that new blood is circulated into the current pool of Class A drivers. With that in mind, it’s not unusual that newcomers to an industry might conduct some research on the jobs they are potentially interested in. A network is useful to student drivers who may be diligently researching jobs in the trucking field, or a getting a feel for what schools or companies might provide the best training.

Veteran Truckers Help Fuel The American Driver Network


One of the most integral parts for a driver network to succeed is based on the opinions and expertise of industry veterans and long-time drivers. Even if a driver is not currently seeking a new position or if they are retired from the field, this does not exclude them from providing a valuable resource for other drivers learning about the field or those who are actively seeking trucker jobs. Those familiar with trucking can lend a hand in answering questions, giving career advice, or simply acting as a sounding board for less seasoned drivers who may have concerns within the industry.

The Network Exists In Many Forms And Locations

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Considering there is not one central location, platform, or venue in which drivers can network, it is to the benefit of drivers that the American Driver Network spans many outlets, both digitally and in person. Drivers should be encouraged to immerse themselves in as many driver-centric networks as they can find in order to become well-versed in the industry and to see a wide swath of opinions and perspectives from drivers across the country. The more a driver learns and sees, the more they can prepare themselves for shifts in the industry and potential opportunities.

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