Introducing iTrucking: the #1 Mobile App for Truck Drivers

Download our official app iTrucking which allows you to stay up to date with the latest trucking industry news, search trucking jobs, and chat with other truckers! Available now for Android and iOS.

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iTrucking is the definitive app for drivers and those in the industry who want news and opportunities for trucking jobs in one convenient place. Drivers choose iTrucking because they realize the importance of staying on top of the changing trends within their field as well as keeping up with opportunities in which to advance their careers with the best job offerings in the United States. Serving the trucking industry and those who thrive within it, iTrucking is a resource for those who want to stay up to date with their line of work.

iTrucking offers the latest breaking stories in the industry, a database of over 700,000 jobs across the country and a live chat feature to help users keep in touch with fellow drivers. Drivers will also find entertainment to take their mind off a hard day's work through photo contests and humorous pictures. ITrucking is there for the driver who is ready to make moves and be proactive about their career as well as an outlet for those who want to take a load off.

Through iTrucking's news sections, drivers will never feel behind on what is trending in industry-related news.The news team at iTrucking works diligently to give its readers the edge in stories and news that are crucial to truck driving jobs and current events that impact the entire world of trucking. Users won't be sifting through articles to find what's important to them in their world, with iTrucking, the only news is vital trucking news.

Job seekers need look no further than the comprehensive and leading-edge job listings and job search platform provided by iTrucking. Crafted for ease of a mobile device and organized in an intuitive and user-friendly manner. No matter the area or route a driver wants to find work in, iTrucking has one covered. Partners and fleets of all sizes across the industry provide listings for trucker jobs on iTrucking for the convenient and successful job search.

Join iTrucking's chat rooms to speak with drivers across the globe about work or simply to shoot the breeze and blow off steam. Drivers can use the iTrucking chat rooms to provide tips of the trade or have a lively debate about an issue that is important to them. With iTrucking, drivers can provide their own perspective in what they are passionate about surrounded by others who have the same interests.

Unique to the platform, iTrucking doesn't focus on features and issues outside of the industry – it delivers what is important and wanted by those within trucking industry. iTrucking helps drivers find a community that understands their lifestyle while giving them the tools to succeed as an individual and to make sense of an industry that is constantly seeing change and innovation.

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