Independent Contractors - Your Next Move Is Here At Prime

May 17, 2017
Prime Inc
Aberdeen, Mississippi

Independent Contractors - Your Next Move Is Here At Prime

Date: May 17, 2017
Company: Prime Inc
Location: Aberdeen, Mississippi

Independent contractors in Aberdeen looking for their next move - it is essential that you look into Prime Inc’s program of flatbed, refrigerated and tanker trucks. Prime Inc needs experienced and dedicated drivers to continue the unparalleled success that the company has proven in Mississippi and all over North America – and best of all, drivers will be compensated handsomely for their work. Prime Inc is offering independent contractors something that most other transportation companies do not offer – flexibility in how you want to earn. Prime Inc doesn’t deal in the old-fashioned mindset of “cents/mile” with their independent contractors. Rather, Prime Inc, allows drivers to control their runs, the hours that they run, and ultimately how much money they make. Prime Inc is dedicated to giving the power to drivers and making them agents of excellent customer service.

Benefits that an independent contractor can expect:

Aberdeen independent contractors – you’re independent for a reason. Get on the road with a company that realizes and respects that fact. Apply today and join Prime Inc.