OTR Trucking Jobs | Starting Pay at $0.55 cpm at Q Carriers

Jun 03, 2019

Q Carriers

Orlando, Florida

OTR Trucking Jobs | Starting Pay at $0.55 cpm at Q Carriers

Date: Jun 03, 2019

Q Carriers

Location: Orlando, Florida
Call: 952-403-7111

We value our drivers and know that in order for you to put your trust in us and inspire your loyalty, we've got to treat you right, put your safety first, ensure you're well-taken care of, and tell it like it is -- and we always will.

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Q Carriers, Inc. is a solid operation. We hire the best in the business and inspire their loyalty. We pay a fair wage, offer comprehensive benefits, provide continual training and education, and call each and every one of our drivers by name. The Q Carriers, Inc. fleet is fully equipped with the most advanced technology, including real-time GPS tracking, e-logs, SmartDrive Cameras and clean energy solutions.