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A hot spot for private research and development and named after the historical figure and explorer, many see Columbus, OH as a city of the future. With a Forbes approval as one of the best places for Business and Careers, as well as a top 10 relocation spot. Forbes additionally listed Columbus as the third best spot in the nation for a career in commercial transportation, with drivers seeing an income of $49,000 per year. Columbus has seen a rise in diversity for its towns and neighborhoods, with a large spike in Asian, African and Latin American residents moving to the city. The town is also considered to be among the best cities for LGBT communities according to a Williams Institute Poll.

Hub Group Trucking is hiring CDL A Truck Drivers for their intermodal positions. Enjoy the benefits of driving with an award winning company that puts their driver's needs first. Hub Group Trucking......

A&S Kinard has a NEW North East Pay Package! ! Let's face it, you're not getting the miles you need in the NorthEast, or the appreciation you...

With J. B. Hunt, one of America's leading trucking companies, you’ll enjoy solid pay, great benefits and frequent home time. Average...

The Trusted Carrier We serve lots of outside customers, but inside the company, drivers come first in every department. When we put drivers...

Sign on with 100% employee owned, J&R Schugel today as an experienced driver in our reefer expedited fleet and earn $15,000 in sign on incentives...

A&A/Roadrunner Temperature Controlled Offers Owner Operators: Our Owner Operators have a choice! Pick between: Up to 74% Revenue Percentage...

Announcing CRST's 2nd Driver Pay Package increase in 2018! We are proud to announce a significant leap forward in CDL A Driver compensation that...

Western Express is now hiring in your area. Whether you're an experienced driver or you're just starting your career, Western Express is the place...

OTR Van Drivers Earn High Income At McLeod Express! That's right, McLeod Express OTR Van Drivers enjoy one of the highest pay scales in the Industry!

CalArk: The Wheels That Move Your Future. CalArk, an industry leading irregular route carrier since its start in 1975, has outstanding CDL A solo...

Drivers at Carvana see great annual pay with an incredible work environment! Potential for $2500 pay increase after 90 days and again at 1 year!

After just four weeks in our driver program, you're ready to begin earning guaranteed home time and higher mileage rates! CDL A student truck drivers...

$5000 Sign On Bonus! Decker Truck Line, Inc. is very excited to offer a Lease Purchase Program that gives our Professional Drivers a chance to earn...

You probably know Oakley Transport for being a premier tanker carrier. And we still are! But in 2019, we are looking to expand into more markets, and...

? CDL A Owner Operators: 75% of load. Solid Income & Dedicated Dispatcher Team. ? We help getting you rolling $500 kick off cash paid on 1st...

New drivers are now eligible for $2,500 in sign on incentives! TransAm Trucking is searching for recently graduated CDL truck driving school students...

UPS Freight Truckload is hiring individuals to work as Full time Dedicated OTR Dry Van Drivers . This position involves the driving of a tractor...

Thank you for your interest in joining Hurricane Express! We are currently accepting applications for solo and team drivers! Simply Click Below To...

SOAR TRANSPORTATION GROUP TEAM FLEET BRAND NEW PAY INCREASE! TEAM DRIVERS MAKE  $144,000 per year to the truck to START! ($72,000 $75,000 per...

J. P.  Transportation has been an established regional flatbed carrier for more than 60 years. We are looking for qualified, experienced flatbed...

DRIVING FOR PGT AS AN INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR Our strategic terminal network makes finding return loads easier and quicker, so we can help ensure you...

Fleets in Columbus County

Call 614-446-9867   Get Directions3230 INDIAN HEAD CT Columbus, OH 43229
Owns 2,153,904 trucks and primarily transports regular Flatbed & Reefer loads, Logs, Poles, Beams, Lumber, U.S. Mail, Dry Van, Beverages, Paper Products, Farm Supplies, Water - Well
Call 614-446-9867

Call 905-738-3810   Get Directions470 OLD WORTHINGTON Columbus, OH 43082
Owns 2,163,503 trucks and primarily transports regular Flatbed & Reefer loads, various metals such as Brass, Titanium, Copper, Iron, Building Materials, Fresh Produce, Grain, Feed, Hay, Garbage, Refuse, Trash, U.S. Mail, Dry Van, Beverages, Paper Products
Call 905-738-3810

Call 317-603-5926   Get Directions1638 TADCASTER LN Columbus, OH 43228
Owns 1,570,989 trucks and primarily transports regular Flatbed & Reefer loads, Fresh Produce
Call 317-603-5926

Call 402-563-1556   Get Directions1520 25TH STREET Columbus, OH 68601
Owns 1,546,843 trucks and primarily transports regular Flatbed & Reefer loads, various metals such as Brass, Titanium, Copper, Iron, Car hauling, Logs, Poles, Beams, Lumber, Building Materials, Machinery, Oversized loads such as Farm Mining or Oilfield equipment, Grain, Feed, Hay, Farm Supplies, Construction equipment
Call 402-563-1556

Call 614-231-5800   Get Directions2169 SOUTH JAMES ROAD Columbus, OH 43232
Owns 1,236,105 trucks and primarily transports Construction equipment
Call 614-231-5800

Call 614-559-9915   Get Directions1543 GAGE STREET Columbus, OH 43240
Owns 2,181,131 trucks and primarily transports regular Flatbed & Reefer loads, Paper Products
Call 614-559-9915

Call 614-272-8650   Get Directions3691 INTERCHANGE DR Columbus, OH 43204
Owns 238 trucks and primarily transports regular Flatbed & Reefer loads, Household Goods, Building Materials, Garbage, Refuse, Trash, Construction equipment
Call 614-272-8650

Call 601-356-9085   Get Directions576 WOLFE TRAIL Columbus, OH 39701
Owns 191 trucks and primarily transports Logs, Poles, Beams, Lumber, Machinery, Oversized loads such as Farm Mining or Oilfield equipment, Dry Van
Call 601-356-9085

Call 614-269-3021   Get Directions3533 PROVIDENCE GLEN DR Columbus, OH 43219
Owns 1,297,534 trucks and primarily transports regular Flatbed & Reefer loads, Fresh Produce, Refrigerated Food
Call 614-269-3021

Call 614-559-4570   Get Directions2137 TULIPTREE AVE Columbus, OH 43229
Owns 2,184,388 trucks and primarily transports regular Flatbed & Reefer loads, Refrigerated Food
Call 614-559-4570

Call 402-564-6358   Get Directions314 MORTON ROAD Columbus, OH 68601
Owns 165 trucks and primarily transports Garbage, Refuse, Trash
Call 402-564-6358

Call 812-342-0570   Get Directions12840 W BECKSGROVE ROAD Columbus, OH 47201
Owns 1,539,204 trucks and primarily transports BREAD DISTRIBUTOR
Call 812-342-0570

Call 812-372-2865   Get Directions4665 N US 31 Columbus, OH 47203
Owns 675 trucks and primarily transports Mobile Homes
Call 812-372-2865

Call 402-564-4424   Get Directions23663 242 AVE Columbus, OH 68601
Owns 203 trucks and primarily transports Petroleum Gas & Natural Gas, Fertilization supplies,PESTICIDE
Call 402-564-4424

Call 402-564-3710   Get DirectionsRR 1 BOX 86 Columbus, OH 68601
Owns 159 trucks and primarily transports Grain, Feed, Hay
Call 402-564-3710

Call 812-372-2272   Get Directions3565 N NATIONAL RD Columbus, OH 47201
Owns 186 trucks and primarily transports SET TRESSES
Call 812-372-2272

Call 706-324-1313   Get Directions6401 WEST HAMILTON PARK DRIVE Columbus, OH 31909
Owns 455 trucks and primarily transports Beverages
Call 706-324-1313

Call 601-328-1685   Get Directions1402 WATERWORKS RD Columbus, OH 39701
Owns 870 trucks and primarily transports Furniture , Toxic Materials
Call 601-328-1685

Call 402-564-1211   Get Directions4774 33 RD AVE Columbus, OH 68601
Owns 1,615,686 trucks and primarily transports trailers
Call 402-564-1211

Call 979-733-9938   Get Directions220 NORTH STREET Columbus, OH 78934
Owns 1,975,476 trucks and primarily transports Machinery, Oversized loads such as Farm Mining or Oilfield equipment, Oilfield Equipment
Call 979-733-9938

Call 662-328-7757   Get Directions509 B HIGHWAY 182 EAST Columbus, OH 39702
Owns 1,350,879 trucks and primarily transports Building Materials, Construction equipment
Call 662-328-7757

Call 402-564-3380   Get Directions309 E S CALLE COLUMBO Columbus, OH 68601
Owns 335 trucks and primarily transports regular Flatbed & Reefer loads, Livestock
Call 402-564-3380

Call 614-235-2755   Get Directions4700 E 5TH AVE Columbus, OH 43219
Owns 690 trucks and primarily transports
Call 614-235-2755

Call 614-439-9416   Get Directions1452 LITTLE AVE Columbus, OH 43223
Owns 2,090,802 trucks and transports all kinds of freight
Call 614-439-9416

Call 620-479-2323   Get Directions151 NW STAR VALLEY ROAD Columbus, OH 66725
Owns 132 trucks and primarily transports CONSTRUCTION Hazmat materials
Call 620-479-2323