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A town entrenched in American history, Warwick was the location of the first true blood spilled in the American Revolution in regards to colonists participating in activities that actively acted against the British Empire. Though colonists may not continue to rebel in Warwick, American institutions such as UPS, Walmart and MetLife still thrive in the city and grant job opportunities to a great deal of the nation. George M. Cohan, often considered the father of the modern Broadway musical scene was born in Warwick, honing his skills in the area before leaving to the New York area. The current population of Warwick is 82, 672 residents.

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One of the Nation's Top Carriers, Hub Group Trucking, now has a variety of driving opportunities for CDL A truck drivers. Now having over 4,000...

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Bolt Express is very excited to share a new opportunity for team contractors to have the ability to become owner operators in the Expedite industry!


Commercial Truckload Division Lightweight Dry Van Loads ? EUR 15,000 to 25,000 lbs. Atlas is signing on CDL A Owner Operator drivers and team drivers...

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Our Dedicated division is looking for dependable drivers out of West Warwick to join our team. If you have what it takes to service one of our...

Forward Air over the road LTL: The foundation product for Forward Air is our over the road LTL service. In LTL you will run our trailers (no trailer...

Bennett DriveAway's newest addition, its pickup division, offers tow and/or haul away service to its customers across the continental United States.

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Fleets in Warwick County

Call 401-398-1966   Get Directions60 OAK GROVE STREET Warwick, RI 2818
Owns 1,427,587 trucks and primarily transports MOBILE CRANE
Call 401-398-1966

Call 401-265-9392   Get Directions932 CENTERVILLE ROAD Warwick, RI 2886
Owns 1,833,751 trucks and primarily transports Construction equipment, Toxic Materials
Call 401-265-9392

Call 404-737-2999   Get Directions110 BROWNLEE BLVD Warwick, RI 2886
Owns 887 trucks and primarily transports Building Materials, Toxic Materials
Call 404-737-2999

Call 401-739-0135   Get Directions103 OVERBROOK AVENUE Warwick, RI 2889
Owns 865 trucks and primarily transports PLBGANDHTGMATERIAL
Call 401-739-0135

Call 401-739-2500   Get DirectionsP O BOX 7538 Warwick, RI 2887
Owns 587 trucks and primarily transports Meat
Call 401-739-2500

Call 401-732-4575   Get Directions81 ARDWAY AVENUE Warwick, RI 2889
Owns 1,157,376 trucks and primarily transports regular Flatbed & Reefer loads, various metals such as Brass, Titanium, Copper, Iron, Logs, Poles, Beams, Lumber, Building Materials, Machinery, Oversized loads such as Farm Mining or Oilfield equipment
Call 401-732-4575

Call 401-941-6348   Get Directions373 PARKSIDE DR Warwick, RI 2888
Owns 899 trucks and primarily transports FILL
Call 401-941-6348

Call 401-828-3700   Get Directions1035 BALD HILL ROAD Warwick, RI 2886
Owns 622 trucks and primarily transports PARTS
Call 401-828-3700

Call 401-738-5950   Get Directions340 JEFFERSON BOULEVARD Warwick, RI 2888
Owns 1,238,455 trucks and primarily transports regular Flatbed & Reefer loads, various metals such as Brass, Titanium, Copper, Iron, Building Materials
Call 401-738-5950

Call 401-732-0938   Get Directions43 SAND POND ROAD Warwick, RI 2888
Owns 421 trucks and primarily transports Reposession & Towing
Call 401-732-0938

Call 401-941-4970   Get Directions2058 ELMWOOD AVENUE Warwick, RI 2888
Owns 693 trucks and primarily transports Reposession & Towing, CARS
Call 401-941-4970

Call 401-738-5275   Get Directions22 NOVELTY ROAD Warwick, RI 2886
Owns 904 trucks and primarily transports FENCES
Call 401-738-5275

Call 401-738-1959   Get Directions20 NEW ENGLAND WAY Warwick, RI 2886
Owns 296 trucks and primarily transports DONUTS
Call 401-738-1959

Call 401-732-1666   Get Directions33 PLAN WAY #8 Warwick, RI 2886
Owns 748 trucks and primarily transports LANDSCAPE MATERIALS
Call 401-732-1666

Call 401-781-7675   Get Directions37 CYPRESS ST #3 Warwick, RI 2888
Owns 570 trucks and primarily transports Meat, Refrigerated Food
Call 401-781-7675

Call 401-737-5362   Get Directions1706 WARWICK AVE Warwick, RI 2889
Owns 305 trucks and primarily transports ELECTRICAL Equipment
Call 401-737-5362

Call 401-739-2041   Get Directions53 LARKIN AVENUE Warwick, RI 2886
Owns 176 trucks and transports all kinds of freight
Call 401-739-2041

Call 401-463-7840   Get Directions83 APPLE TREE LANE Warwick, RI 2888
Owns 950 trucks and primarily transports Equipment
Call 401-463-7840

Call 401-737-3441   Get Directions201 ARNOLDS NECK ROAD Warwick, RI 2886
Owns 1,344,707 trucks and primarily transports regular Flatbed & Reefer loads, Dry Van
Call 401-737-3441

Call 401-941-4029   Get Directions159 FAIRFAX DRIVE Warwick, RI 2888
Owns 407 trucks and primarily transports regular Flatbed & Reefer loads, Construction equipment
Call 401-941-4029

Call 401-737-4636   Get Directions32 ATKINS ST Warwick, RI 2886
Owns 492 trucks and primarily transports regular Flatbed & Reefer loads, various metals such as Brass, Titanium, Copper, Iron, Building Materials, Grain, Feed, Hay, Garbage, Refuse, Trash, U.S. Mail, Beverages, Paper Products
Call 401-737-4636

Call 401-738-5400   Get Directions33 VERMONT AVENUE Warwick, RI 2888
Owns 573 trucks and primarily transports Building Materials
Call 401-738-5400

Call 401-737-3104   Get Directions29 THOMAS STREET Warwick, RI 2886
Owns 317 trucks and primarily transports flooring & asphalting supplies/Dirt & Gravel/LOOM
Call 401-737-3104

Call 401-732-2270   Get Directions240 KNIGHT STREET Warwick, RI 2886
Owns 977 trucks and primarily transports regular Flatbed & Reefer loads, LANDSCAPE MATERIALS
Call 401-732-2270

Call 401-463-6334   Get Directions93 FOURTH AVENUE Warwick, RI 2888
Owns 1,234,569 trucks and primarily transports Garbage, Refuse, Trash
Call 401-463-6334