WATCH VIDEO: Motorist Captures Dangerous Road Rage Drama Between Hummer and Semi Truck

by Jana Ritter - Published: 7/19/2017

road rage incident between a semi-truck driver and a Hummer driver escalated into a dangerous game of high-speed cat and mouse, and it was all captured on video. The video has since gone viral and many people, including the local Sheriff's office, are more angered by the Hummer driver’s bad behavior captured in the highway drama. 


The incident occurred in Texas on Interstate 20 between Midland and Odessa. According to Midland County Sheriff Gary Painter, it all started when the truck driver threw an empty can out of his window and it hit the nearby Hummer. The Hummer driver retaliated by cutting directly in front of the truck driver and refused to let him pass. The video shows the semi swerving back and forth between lanes attempting to get around the Hummer but the Hummer continues to move directly in front of the semi, cutting him off each time. At one point the semi even tried to get around the Hummer by using the right shoulder and still the Hummer driver purposely blocked the way. The video also shows the Hummer driver slamming on the brakes a few times, giving the semi driver no choice but to do the same.

                                        road rage between Hummer and Semi

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Ironically, it was also the Hummer driver who initially called police to report the incident as a complaint about the semi driver tossing the empty can. Little did he know that others would also report the incident and a motorist following closely behind had captured it on camera for the world to see. Many who saw the video immediately sided with the truck driver, including the local sheriff's office.  “He could’ve got fined for litter, up to a $500 dollar fine for littering on a public roadway. But he didn’t do anything else wrong, other than try to get away from a crazy guy,” Painter told CBS 7. He also pointed that it was the Hummer driver who was “committing numerous violations of the law which he could’ve gone to jail for." He said that deputies eventually caught up to the Hummer driver but were unable to charge him with any violations because they weren't there to witness the situation first hand.

Pointer urges drivers to simply pull over and call police rather than engaging in road rage with another driver and endangering everyone else on the road.

“There’s no reason to be endangering the entire motor public on the interstate just because of the empty can or a can that was thrown out. It didn’t cause any damage to a vehicle.”

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