Trump Appeals To Truck Drivers To Help Sell New Tax Plan

by Jana Ritter - Published: 10/11/2017

President Trump is now targeting truck drivers to sell his tax reform plan to America’s low and middle-income earners. While the tax plan has been criticized for mostly catering to high-income earners at the expense of lower- and middle-class earners, the White House is saying otherwise.

                                   trump touts tax plan to truck drivers

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“Truckers will be the No. 1 beneficiaries of President Trump’s tax plan,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said during a press conference Tuesday. “They keep our economy moving, literally, and they are excited about the president's tax reform plan, which will create more jobs and empower workers and families to keep more of their hard-earned money.”

On Wednesday, the President will be touting his tax plan to a crowd of Pennsylvania workers, including hundreds of truck drivers, attending his scheduled appearance in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania at 5:45 pm EST. As the “the lifeblood of our economy” he plans to address truck drivers specifically and will highlight ways the trucking industry will benefit from his proposed tax plan.

"When your trucks are moving, America is growing. That is why my administration is taking historic steps to remove the barriers that slow you down. America first means putting American truckers first,” reads the speech excerpts released by the White House. "Trucking is the number one employer in about 29 states around the country. And truckers will be major beneficiaries of the president's tax reform plan in several different ways."

Trump plans to explain how the GOP tax-reform framework will benefit truckers by lowering their tax rates, boosting manufacturing and making it easier for families to pass their trucking businesses onto their children. He will also highlight how the plan will simplify tax filing for truck drivers and benefit them through a larger standard deduction, as well as cuts to the small business tax rate, which he says would benefit those who file their taxes as pass-throughs.

In addition to appealing to truck drivers, Trump will also make the case that the typical American family would get a $4,000 pay raise under the tax plan.

"We will eliminate the penalty on returning future earnings back to the United States, and we will impose a one-time low tax on money currently parked overseas so it can be brought back home to America where it belongs. My council of economic advisers estimates that this change alone would likely give the typical American household a $4,000 pay raise,” the president will say according to excerpts.

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