Truck Driver Plunges Off Texas Overpass And Crash Lands Onto Freeway Below

by Jana Ritter - Published: 11/13/2017

A truck driver remains in critical condition after crashing his semi into a concrete wall overpass then plunging off the edge in his cab and spilling his load of mayonnaise onto the busy freeway below.

                                  truck driver plunges over Texas overpass

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The bizarre accident occurred at 9:40 p.m. Sunday evening at the intersection of Northeast Loop 820 and Iron Horse Boulevard in North Richland Hills, TX. According to police, the driver was traveling in the westbound lanes of Loop 820 with a full load of Miracle Whip and mac n cheese in his trailer. When he exited at Iron Horse Drive exit, the driver failed to control his speed and failed to stop where the toll road exit comes to an end. Instead the 18-wheeler smashed through the elevated concrete wall on the other side of the over pass. The force of the impact then caused the tractor-trailer to separate with the cab plunging to the ground below and the trailer dangling off the edge of the bridge with its load of mayonnaise spilling onto the freeway below.

                                   Truck spills load on Texas freeway

Police immediately shut down parts of the highway to clear the way for the fire department’s heavy-duty rescue team to free the driver from the wreckage and for a medical helicopter to then transport him to JPS Hospital in Fort Worth. The driver is in critical condition but is expected to survive. The trailer remained suspended over the top of the overpass for several hours until wreckers were able to dislodge it from the concrete.

“He showed no sign of breaking at all,” said Lt. Jeff Garner. While officials are still investigating the incident to determine whether a medical issue, mechanical problem or inattentive driving caused the driver to crash into the wall, Garner also added that at least two other accidents have occurred at this interchange since it opened.

On Monday, only one lane of westbound Northeast Loop 820 was open in time for the morning commute as crews continued to clear the crash site. Officials said they expected all lanes to re-open by the afternoon and the exit ramp to Iron Horse Boulevard will remain closed until the concrete wall is repaired.

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