Van Crashes Into Log Truck, Both Drivers Dead

by Jana Ritter - Published: 3/07/2016

Another truck driver lost his life on the job during the Monday morning commute in South Carolina, when a van crashed head-on into a logging truck and both drivers died as a result.

                                                           van crashes into log truck

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The accident occurred at around 8 a.m. along a bend known as “Deadman’s Curve” on South Carolina 9 between West Chester School Road and Turn Buckle Road (about 10 miles west of Chester.) According to law enforcement officials, the driver of the van was coming around the curve and traveled left of the center lane, crashing head on with an oncoming logging truck traveling in the opposite direction. The van was engulfed in flames and its driver thrown from the vehicle onto the road. The impact was so severe that the axles of the logging truck were ripped from the cab and the cab thrown into a ditch. Both drivers died at the scene and were the only two people involved in the crash. Their names have not yet been released.

                                                          deadly accident on deadman's curve

The crash site was so bad and the fire so hot that a Bobcat had to be brought in to clear the logs and debris from the highway. The road is temporarily closed while Troopers, EMS crews, West Chester Fire Department and Chester County Emergency Management officials investigate the crash. Ed Darby of Chester County Emergency Management called the crash site, "just terrible," and said that it took emergency crews nearly three hours to do the very difficult job removing the truck driver’s body from the mangled wreckage. West Chester Volunteer Fire Department chief, Andy Martin, also said the wreck scene was as bad as any they had ever seen. "It was horrific - I have been here 43 years and it's as bad as any I've seen," Martin said.

The stretch of road near Turn Buckle Road is part of a major logging route for trucks from western parts of the state heading to wood products manufacturers in Chester. It is a long sweeping curve of highway that got its name, “Deadman’s Curve,” from several other fatalities that have occurred over the years. “The speed limit is 55 MPH where the crash happened but it is a very dangerous curve where numerous fatalities have happened over the years,” said Martin. “There have been so many deaths out here that as long as I have been here people have called it Deadman’s Curve.” 

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