Trucker Drives 3000 Miles Nonstop Fueled By Meth, Cocaine and LSD

by Jana Ritter - Published: 4/05/2017

After a trucker managed to drive straight across the country without any sleep, his drug-fueled express ride finally came to an end with a public tantrum that led to his arrest.

                                                             Trucker driver 3000 miles on drugs

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Alaskan truck driver, Gary Robbins, made a record delivery time hauling raspberry roots roughly 3000 miles from Seattle to a town near Deerfield, Mass. without stopping for sleep. Miraculously he managed to complete the 44-hour trip without incident and he even dropped off the cargo without raising any concern. Then he made a stop at a Deerfield Circle K gas station and everything went awry.

A Circle K employee suddenly noticed a man behaving erratically in the parking lot and decided to call the police. The man turned out to be Gibbons and he began acting strangely after inserting his credit cards into the fuel tank and then realizing he had locked himself out of his vehicle. He waving his arms erratically and then was seen trying to break into the truck from the space between the trailer and front cab.  "The Circle K Employee noticed something was up, that wasn't normal,” says Officer Adam Sokoloski of the Deerfield police. “He was running around the parking lot and was confrontational."

                                                               Gary Robbins arrested

Sokoloski says when officers arrived on the scene they first suspected the truck driver had a medical issue but then realized his behavior was more consistent with drug use. "He was argumentative and he had dilated pupils... It was clear he was under the influence of something," Sokoloski explains. After a short conversation, the officers became aware that Gibbons had just driven straight through from Seattle to Deerfield. Police say the 49-year-old admitted to using crystal meth, LSD, and cocaine to fuel his non-stop, cross-country ride and they also found what was left of his supply in a compartment in the truck.

"He was endangering the lives of other people and endangering his own life," Sokoloski says. A recent government study found that going 17 to 19 hours without sleep is the performance equivalent of a blood alcohol level of 0.05 percent and longer periods without sleep were equal to 0.1 percent or more, which is well over the legal limit.

Responding officers arrested Robbins at the scene and said they “had quite the struggle to get him to the Baystate Franklin Medical Center.” He was treated at the hospital and then taken into custody where he was charged with numerous drug and motor-vehicle violations. His license has since been revoked and the truck impounded.

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