Stand Up For Trucker Freedom

1240 days ago



Stop The Over-Regulation of Drivers

Truck drivers across America – we need 100,000 signatures. Sign our petition to let Donald Trump know that you want the president to deregulate the DOT, EPA and FMCSA restrictions in your industry.

Over the past few years, the Environmental Protection Agency, The Department of Transportation and Federal Motor Carrier Association have devised many regulations in relation to the trucking industry. Chief among these recent restrictions are the Hours of Service regulation, the Electronic Logging Device Mandate and the Greenhouse Gas and Fuel Efficiency Standards for Heavy-Duty Trucks.

Through this petition we will ensure that the forthcoming Trump Administration looks closely at the constraints currently imposed on commercial drivers and negotiate deregulation. We will take action and show our support to America’s trucking industry and to our new president.

These regulations have considerably slowed down the productivity of 3.5 million drivers in the industry and are not conducive to individual achievement as they stand.

Trump will hear our voices and determine a solution that promotes safety on our roads and industry growth for all parties involved. Trucking Unlimited is spreading awareness about over-regulation and urging the new powers in Washington to aid one of the most important sectors of commerce in the country. Trucking Unlimited is an ally to the driving industry, with over 400,000 jobs from carriers of all sizes across the nation and online resources for drivers seeking success on the road.

While drivers must be held accountable while operating a vehicle and safety should be practiced at all times, we will guarantee that drivers will be regulated in a fair and balanced manner.

The commercial driving industry has potential to grow, but cannot do so when drivers feel oppressed by the system they are operating in. In order to maintain active drivers and to recruit more men and women to fill nearly 50,000 empty seats, we will provide an atmosphere of prosperity without suppressing the freedom of those on the road.

By signing this form, we will tell Donald Trump to examine these restrictions within the trucking industry in order to come to an agreement with the DOT, EPA and FMCSA to reach a reasonable solution. We want our president to stand with truckers and advocate for a stronger network of American commerce. We will see safety on our roads and a promise from Donald Trump to work towards regulations that benefit the truck driver.