A Look at The Average UPS Driver Salary

by Jake Tully - Published: 7/12/2017
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UPS Freight, the more heavy-duty oriented division of the incredibly popular delivery service is continually on the hunt for the best drivers in the nation to help continue providing their logistics services throughout the country.

Operating a myriad of equipment including flatbed trucks and vans up to 53', drivers receive the opportunity to engage in a great deal of driving experiences throughout their line of work. Of course, with these different positions comes an equally diverse range of excellent pay for a driver's diligence on the road.

Truckers frequently report that UPS has one of the most competitive salaries and pay packages within the industry. Using its position as one of the largest commercial vehicle chains in the world, UPS has the supreme authority to pay its drivers incredibly well, seeing one of the highest driver retention rates in the country. 

UPS Freight Truck In The Lot

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How Much Do UPS Drivers Make?

UPS sees drivers make more than nearly any other trucking company within the same field, making many consider it to be perhaps the top-tier delivery-oriented company that a truck driver can work for.

To this point, many drivers report an annual salary that sees an average of $63,668. With an impressive starting base, many drivers are enticed to join the ranks of UPS in hopes of moving up the ladder and seeing the potential for even more pay every year.

In addition to the impressive figure reported by many drivers, UPS drivers find that the benefits do not stop there. There are several other monetary benefits that UPS Freight drivers receive including -

What Other Benefits Do UPS Freight Truckers Get?

Seeing close to $64,000 is no figure to sneeze at – and a great deal of drivers in the transportation industry know this to be true. However, UPS understands the importance that is placed on ensuring that drivers in their freight division see the incentives and benefits that they may gain in order to stick around with the company.

The infrastructure of UPS Freight allows for a great deal of space for the company to implement its retention strategies, and these strategies allow for drivers to often see immediate fiscal benefits. Perks for UPS Freight drivers include:

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