Truck Driving Schools

An education is one of the most vital and formative aspects of a driver's career in the commercial transportation industry.  The proper schooling can create an excellent driver with the highest level of capability and diligence on the road. One who received an outstanding training in their field can help lead the way for a nation of valuable and safe truckers, each learning by example and paving the way for safer roads in the country.

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There are THREE things that set us apart from other schools. 1) You're not just another customer, we treat each driver like family and help them from A to Z. 2) we allow you to use our equipment for your test at the DMV at no extra charge. 3) Our instructors are fluent in English, Spanish, Russian, and Japanese!

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After getting your training as a CDL Truck Driver, you can expect a decent salary. On top of that, if you can also become an owner operator by financing your own tractor and becoming an owner operator. Owner operators on average earn from $0.75 cents to $1.25 per mile.

Attending our driving school if the first step towards getting a CDL job. We're here to help you excel in your career!

Class B jobs include auto equipment operator such as heavy duty CNG fueled buses, coach buses and trolleys, and passenger vans and cars. With such positions, you can expect to earn around $18 to $30 per hours. There are 100s of jobs available each year in this growing industry..

if you are brand-new to the industry, we have new classes starting every day. Start earning an excellent salary!

Class B-P jobs include all categories of driving which includes transporting of multiple passengers. Alternatively, you can apply for the same truck driving jobs if you get your Class B license, along with a passenger endoresement. Either way does not make a significant difference, so the choice is up to you.

Express Truck Driving School Inc. has been approved by the Bureau of Private PostSecondary & Vocational Education!

Truck driving schools also provide a wholly unique experience. No two drivers will find that they come out of a driving program with the exact same knowledge, expertise or sense of duty. Because of this, America creates a highly qualified and diverse group of individuals on the road. However, it can easily be argued that some driving schools grant drivers a more fulfilling sense of duty than others. At Express Truck Driving School, all students will leave the program with a great deal of knowledge, confidence in their practical skills and a calling that inspires them to be true experts behind the wheel.

Those who are new to the industry will find that Express Truck Driving School not only sets up its graduates for success in finding a career, but gives its students the supreme advantage of being some of the most qualified truckers on the road. Express Truck Driving School's comprehensive and modern training techniques ensure that drivers who complete the program are equipped with the best strategies and practices in the industry. Our drivers don't just get behind the wheel, they are professionals behind the wheel.

Whether a driver is looking to receive training for a Class A license, a Class B license or training in transporting passengers, Express Truck Driving School has the tools necessary for working towards one's  goals on the road. There are a wide variety of options that one may pursue in the field of commercial driving, with the right education, these options become realities. Drivers with Express Truck Driving School consistently find that their dreams on the road are easily secured and that trucking companies are constantly impressed by the class of drivers that come out of our school's programs.

Too often, drivers find themselves settling for a driving school in their area because they are cheap, promise a quick class schedule, and flash gimmicks in the face of a potential student. With Express Truck Driving School, students are promised affordability, are guaranteed a course schedule that enhances one's knowledge of the road while promoting safe and skillful driving, and find that the only "gimmick" is the satisfaction of competency on the road.

Drivers in our program know they are receiving one of the best educations in the industry, with trainers and mentors who have a great deal of experience imparting wisdom on young drivers and ensuring they retain what they have learned. Students know that they are working with the most experienced and adept drivers around, and that they are in the company of fellow drivers-in-training who all want the same thing – to be one of the most accomplished truckers in the field.

Students with Express Truck Driving School become part of our extended family. A great deal of care and concern is put forth to ensure that drivers don't just feel like students, but feel as though they are professionals-in training. Instilling trust and admiration in those who enroll, we afford drivers the opportunity to use our reliable and modern equipment for the CDL test when the time comes, with no additional charge. From day one of the course to the final moments of receiving one's CDL, we are with our drivers every step of the way.

Drivers from all backgrounds are encouraged to enroll in the program and begin learning. Our instructors have experience teaching people from all across the country who come from all different walks of life. Express Truck Driving School believes that language, culture or knowledge of the industry should not stop someone from achievement. We welcome a learning environment that promotes diversity and ensures that drivers in our country are representative of the multiplicity we find across America.