Finding The Best Truck Stops In America

by Jake Tully - Published: 7/19/2017
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Truck stops are among the most unforgettable and enduring aspects of American culture. Since the beginning of highway expansion and interstate systems that connect the country, truck stops have served as vital landmarks for the weary traveler.

Providing a beacon of light for the driver who is looking for a warm meal, a place to relax, or to enjoy the company of others after a period of solitude in the cab, truck stops are essential outlets for a trucker. 

Across the nation, drivers look for the best truck stops with the highest quality offerings in their area. From the best cup of coffee to the most relaxing rest area to the most optimal parking spot, every truck stop across the lower 48 offers something unique to those who pass through. 

However, some stops are simply more accommodating and are of better quality than others. For that matter, certain stops will enhance the experience of one’s trucking job more than others. Take a look at some of the best truck stops according to drivers in all parts of the country to see who made the list.

Jubitz – Portland, Oregon

This Portland, Oregon based truck stop is known far and wide as the most extravagant truck stop of the Pacific Northwest area. An award-winning location for the “classiest” stop in the world, Jubitz has no lack of qualifications backing its prestige.

Jubitz offers drivers everything from world-class dining, line dancing, specialty cocktails and a trucking showroom for drivers who are passing through and want take a load off as well as the trucker who is ready to camp out at Jubitz for a few nights at the Portlander Inn.

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Aside from the fun attached with food and dancing, Jubitz also offers a full-scale cinema with $5 movie tickets, giving drivers an affordable outlet in which to take in some entertainment and kick back for a moment. Drivers report that Jubitz is one of the only, if not the only truck stop to offer a complex with a movie theater and other nightly entertainment.

Jubitz is also sympathetic to the driver who has taken their four-legged friends on the road with them, with facilities for a dog wash as well as treats on-site to reward the canine on the road. Of course, drivers can pamper themselves as well with state-of-the-art showers and jacuzzis, adding to one’s relaxation time.

Best of all, Jubitz offers over 15 acres of fully-lit and paved parking for trucks and combinations of all shapes and sizes. Offering almost anything a driver could think of, Jubitz is one of the most fascinating truck stops in all of the country.

Florida 595 – Davie, Florida

A stop that boasts the largest trucking facility in all of the Southeast, Florida 595 is one of the most massive truck stops in all of the country. Drivers know the Davie, Florida-based as a notable stop in the country not just for the sheer size of its parking lot but how safe and well-monitored the parking lot is.

Where Florida 595 finds its niche is in the offerings related to a more traditional style of trucking offerings. One of the most popular services at the stop is radio shop, wherein drivers can get their CB radio units tuned up by a skilled technician familiar with the units. Florida 595 does not dismiss newer technology in the cab, but it certainly does embrace a more classic means of communication for those who prefer the classic way of communicating over the course of their truck driving job.

Florida 595’s service center is also one of its most well-known features, with a great deal of technicians and quality service providers on staff at any given time, drivers can bank on the dependability of Florida 595 to help service their vehicles at nearly any given time.

What may be the most appealing part of Florida 595 is the sense of security that drivers feel when parking their rig in one of the largest commercial trucking lots in the country. With 24/7 security monitoring the lot, drivers can feel safe about the well-being of their equipment as well as their own personal welfare.

South of the Border - Hamer, South Carolina

Drivers might expect to see a Mexican influenced truck stop in an area such as Texas, but the somewhat unlikely location of South Carolina has nonetheless made South of The Border one of the most notorious truck stops in the entire country.

Located off the I-95, South of The Border, the stop has gained the moniker “home of America’s favorite highway oasis” though it is not nearly as difficult to navigate to as its name may dictate. South of The Border is renowned by truckers and non-truckers alike, providing a safe and fun place for drivers to hitch up their ride for the night and experience some excellent cantina-style cuisine.

South of the Border prides itself on how relatively “tacky” it may be, playing into the culture of the road and those who traverse it on a daily basis. As opposed to promoting a highfalutin location with five-star service, South of The Border understands the role it plays in the lives of travelers and caters to modern trucking culture through a menu with large portions, roadside attractions to take one’s mind off the road, and a gimmick that will hopefully amuse drivers.

There is no lack of provisions for drivers at this location either, offering the simplicity of convenience stores alongside more specific, tourist-oriented shops as well.

Castaic Truck Stop – Lake Castaic, CA

Perhaps the most modest entry on the list, Castaic Truck Stop is an interesting stop off the 5 Freeway in Southern California. Nestled about half an hour outside of Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley, Castaic Truck Stop is a living reminder of the historic California highway outposts.

Castaic Truck Stop is nearly frontier-like in presentation and atmosphere, a nice divergence from the hustle and bustle found in the rest of the state. Drivers frequently find themselves going out of their way in order to visit Castaic Truck Stop to experience a slice of the old west and kick up their feet after a log day of the open road.

However, simply because Castaic Truck Stop offers the air of an older Californian establishment does not make it an outdated resource for drivers. The stop offers fully-integrated lounges equipped with wi-fi for one’s technology, prime parking for one’s truck and fuel service that is unparalleled. 

Castaic Truck Stop also offers drivers a club card of sorts, ensuring that one’s money is spent on the necessities rather than unnecessary fees they may find at the pump. A loyalty reward card with the truck stop will offer drivers fuel specials, shower credits access to amazing barbecue and drink refills to keep a driver hydrated.

Little America – Little America, Wyoming

For over 80 years the eponymous titled Little America truck stop has served drivers from all over the United States. Utilizing its location in the country as a gateway between the West Coast and the Midwest, Little America’s position in Wyoming sees travelers in all directions stopping in. An incredibly unpretentious and quaint stop, Little America prides itself on representing an America long gone – one that they feel comfortable spending some time in.

Drivers who visit Little America will see a full offering of services for trucks, from preventative maintenance to repair services to any important tools that one regularly keeps in their truck that they may have otherwise forgotten. Little America offers the advantage of quaint service without all too many bells and whistles.

However, simply because Little America is a more humble stop that emulates an earlier era of Americana, it does not mean that it is without provisions for the modern highly-connected society. Drivers will find all the technological amenities they may need coupled with deluxe suites that remind one of simpler times.

Without employing any gimmicks, Little America offers attractions only in the form of the nearby scenery and small town charm. It is the perfect stop for a driver who simply wants to rest and refuel without the hubbub of a truck stop-cum theme park, so to speak.

More of the Best

There are hundreds of other excellent truck stops in the country, with more becoming better equipped to serve the modern driver every day. Drivers who are searching for a stop on their route can usually find a great stop nearby. however, they should look out for the following amenities:

Don’t be cautious in enjoying some of the excellent truck stops the country has to offer. Americans with trucker jobs need to take a break and relax every now and then, and these truck stops are excellent ways in which to do so.

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